Bridal Show Bonus

Thank you so much for coming to see our space at the Chic Occassions Bridal Show at the fabulous Fox Theater on Sunday, March 11th!

Normally we offer a show special of 10% off any package reserved within 30 days. But to celebrate our 9th year in business and changing our name from It’s Your Day Photography to Danielle Brown Photography & Film, you’re getting the present!

A bonus 10% off!

Instead of getting 10% off any wedding photography or videography collection, you can get 20% off between now and March 11th! Just get coffee with us & reserve your date by Saturday, March 31st.

Don’t miss out. We love to take people out for a coffee (or other beverage if you’re not a coffee drinker!) and chat about your wedding plans. Lock in your 20% off any wedding photography or videography package by scheduling a coffee appointment with our lead photographer, Danielle.

Want to book both photo & video – love it! Danielle & Sky will be happy to meet with you at the same time so everyone is on the same page and you don’t have to repeat yourself!!

Wishing you an amazing wedding experience,

~ Danielle