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Canada Passport & Citizenship Photos in Atlanta

Welcome to Danielle Brown Photography, get Canada passport photos done in Atlanta quickly and easily. We specialize in Canada Passport and Canadian Citizenship application photos. Take it from me, a fellow Canadian, you can’t just walk into any old pharmacy or post office in the United States and get a Canadian passport photo taken.

About Danielle Brown Photography

While a permanent US resident, Danielle experienced the challenge of getting a Canadian passport photo done outside of Canada. Unfortunately, there are not a ton of studios that understand how to photograph and successfully print a Canadian passport or citizenship photo.

We understand the exact specifications for a successful Canadian passport or citizenship photo submission. Danielle Brown Photography has successfully helped dozens of Atlanta-based Canadian citizens with high-quality, technically accurate Canada passport and Canadian citizenship photos.

Canadian Government Passport and Citizenship Links

Government of Canada Passport Application:

Government of Canada Citizenship Application:

Canadian Consulates:

The Embassy of Canada (Washington DC) and Canadian Consulates are located in the following United States major metropolitan areas:

  • Washington DC – Embassy of Canada
  • Atlanta – Consulate General of Canada
  • Boston – Consulate General of Canada
  • Chicago – Consulate General of Canada
  • Dallas – Consulate General of Canada
  • Denver – Consulate General of Canada
  • Detroit – Consulate General of Canada
  • Honolulu – Consulate General of Australia
  • Los Angeles – Consulate General of Canada
  • Miami – Consulate General of Canada
  • Minneapolis – Consulate General of Canada
  • New York – Consulate General of Canada
  • San Francisco – Consulate General of Canada
  • Seattle – Consulate General of Canada

Special notes about Canadian Passport and Citizenship Photos

  1. The United States and Canada have COMPLETELY different specifications for passport photos. Pharmacies, mailing services and the United States post office will take your passport photo and provide a US passport format, not a photo formatted for Canada.
  2. The Canadian passport office will reject photos not taken by a photo studio. 
  3. The Canadian passport office requires photos to be printed on commercial-grade photo paper. Photos printed at home or printed on heavy-weight paper will be rejected or fail your passport or citizenship application.
  4. Your Canadian passport or citizenship photos may not be retouched or digitally altered in any way. Retouching, digitally altering backgrounds or clothing, etc. will fail your Canadian passport or citizenship application or cause rejection.
  5. With all passport photos, make sure the photo is not bent, torn or creased in any way. Physical damage to your photos will result in application rejection.

Canada Passport Photos Atlanta | Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pose/smile for a Canadian passport (or citizenship) photo?
A: Canada requires a front facing pose with no head tilt or turning. Expressions must be neutral. A neutral expression is an expression with eyes open, mouth closed, where the individual is neither smiling or frowning. Danielle Brown Photography will instruct you during your passport photo appointment how to post and what expression is appropriate for your Canadian passport or citizenship photo.

Danielle will instruct you how to pose. She will make sure your head and shoulders are correctly positioned and your expression is acceptable for a Canadian passport or citizenship photo.

Q: Can I wear a hat or headwear in my photo?

A: Per the Government of Canada, hats or headwear are permissible for religious reasons, such as hijabs or turbans. A hat or headwear for fashion purposes would cause your passport photo to be rejected.

Q: I wear glasses. Can I wear glasses in my Canada passport or citizenship photo?

A: While glasses are permitted for Canadian passport photos, glasses must be photographed without glare or reflection. We generally recommend being photographed without glasses as much as possible. Tinted lenses or prescription sunglasses will cause your passport photo to be rejected.

Q: As a Canadian citizen, can Danielle Brown Photography be my guarantor?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot be your guarantor as we have not known you for two or more years. Read the Canadian passport guarantor requirements here:

Q: How much do Canadian passport or citizenship photos cost?

A: Danielle Brown Photography charges $39.95+tax for a single individual passport photo session with one set of passport photos for any non-United States country, including Canada.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Danielle Brown Photography is proud to accept cash, check and all major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment or do you accept walk-ins?

A: As we are a busy photography studio with assignments taking us all over the Atlanta metro area, we cannot guarantee we are in the studio during normal business hours. For that reason, we ask all of our passport photo clients to make an appointment. Appointments may be made on short notice if needed, as our schedule permits.

Q: I have dual citizenship with Canada and the US (or another country). Can I use the same photo for another country’s passport or a visa?

A: Yes, most countries have a six month window for your photo to be considered valid for passport or visa use. If your photo has been taken within the required window of time, Danielle Brown Photography can reformat your photo for another country’s specification. Reformatting your photo for another country’s specification is available for a $10 reformatting charge.

Q: I need extra photos from my session. Can I get additional photos printed?

A: Absolutely. Printing additional sets are available at $5 per additional set. Canada requires two (2) passport or citizenship application photos for a standard submission.

Q: I'm not sure if I will do a physical application or submit my application digitally. Is there an extra charge for digital photos? If I don't get physical prints, can I get a discount?

A: Your passport photo fee ($39.95+tax) includes both physical prints and digital images for an online submission. There is no additional fee for both formats or discount if you do not get prints. Please ask for your digital images to be emailed to you or sent via another digital delivery mechanism, such as sending files via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Q: How long does a passport photo appointment usually take?

A: Most clients coming in for Canadian passport or Canada citizenship photos are usually done in 20 minutes per person.

Q: I need extra photos from my session. Can I get additional photos printed?

A: Absolutely. Printing additional sets are available at $5 per additional set. Canada requires two (2) passport or citizenship application photos for a standard submission.

Q: Does Danielle Brown Photography guarantee a successful Canadian passport or citizenship application?

A: Because we cannot guarantee that your passport or citizenship application is successful, we offer a reshoot or reformat guarantee. If your passport or citizenship application is rejected because your photo did not meet specifications, Danielle Brown Photography stands by our clients. Reformatting or retaking your photo is provided at no charge until your photo is accepted by the passport agency.

Please note, Danielle Brown Photography is a private company with no Government of Canada affiliation. Any and all materials are sourced from Canadian government sources wherever possible and may be subject to change without notice.

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