I feel you. You didn’t realize when you got that bling on your finger that planning the storybook wedding in Atlanta and destinations beyond, that your wedding would cost so much! Now, if you’re my kind of bride, you’re sitting there going “is it possible to find an amazing Atlanta wedding photographers under $2000?”

The answer to your “do great Atlanta wedding photographers under $2000 even exist?” question is YES!

Danielle Brown Photography is an Atlanta wedding photographer with packages under $2000. Our Romance package is a robust Atlanta wedding photography package with prices under $2000.

Atlanta wedding photographers under $2000


Included in the Romance wedding photography collection (Atlanta wedding photographers under $2000):

  • Six hours of wedding day coverage with Atlanta wedding photographer, Danielle Brown Photography
  • An Atlanta area, on-location engagement session, usually taking about an hour of so
  • Digital images from your Atlanta wedding photography
  • Online gallery to share with family and friends, so you can easily share and show off your Atlanta wedding photography

Atlanta wedding photographers under $2000


What if I need more than six hours of Atlanta wedding photography under $2000?

We’re pretty chill at Danielle Brown Photography. If you need more than six hours of wedding photography and you have a budget for your Atlanta wedding photography under $2000, let us know. Generally speaking, we may have a show discount that can bring your wedding package under $2000. You can always add additional wedding photography coverage hours for a small fee per hour.

Let’s say my budget for Atlanta wedding photographers under $2000 is actually closer to $1000.

Danielle Brown Photography offers packages for Atlanta wedding photographers under $1000 too! Now granted, it’s not all day coverage with a team of multiple photographers and a nice big wedding album after your event. If your budget is under $1000 for Atlanta wedding photography, you may want to consider our Atlanta elopement wedding photography package. It’s a great option for a couple who is planning either a courthouse wedding in Atlanta or an Atlanta pop-up wedding.

Included in the Elopement wedding photography package (Atlanta wedding photographers under $1000):

  • Three hours of wedding day coverage with Danielle Brown Photography
  • Digital images from your Atlanta wedding photography
  • Online gallery to share with family and friends, so you can easily share and show off your Atlanta wedding photography

If I’m eloping, what’s the difference between a courthouse wedding in Atlanta or having a pop-up wedding in Atlanta?

Regardless of where you’re having your wedding, in the county courthouse, in a park, or private home, you need a marriage license. As of February 2018, check out our list of county seats and where the nearest probate court is to you. As a Georgia resident, you may apply for a marriage license at any county probate court. Keep in mind, fees vary from county to county.

What the heck is an Atlanta “pop-up” wedding?

A pop-up wedding is similar to an elopement. Typically, a pop-up wedding will have the couple, an officiant and me, their Atlanta wedding photographer. If you’re having a pop-up wedding, you might decide to invite some of your closest friends and family. Most pop-up weddings in Atlanta have a small number of guests and continue on to a local restaurant for their wedding dinner/reception (or not).

Where ever you have your Atlanta pop-up wedding, you can host your pop-up wedding in any public place, park or private home (with permission). Generally speaking, you will not have to have permission for a pop-up wedding in a public space, but don’t forget to do your research, just to be on the safe side! Our favorite aspects of a pop-up wedding for our brides and grooms are the low-key, stress-free aspects of planning a pop-up wedding.

If you’re having a pop-up wedding in Atlanta, don’t forget to reserve these services:

  • Officiant, you need someone who is ordained and/or legally allowed to marry people
  • Something to wear, you pick how casual or formal
  • A photographer to document your special day. You can reserve packages with this Atlanta wedding photographers under $1000 or $2000
  • A florist for a lovely little floral touch for the bride and/or groom
  • Your favorite people to witness your wedding

What to know about Atlanta Courthouse weddings

I’ve photographed (at the time of writing this article) at least one wedding held at a courthouse. So I’m not saying this to be a hater, but they’re not the glamorous affair you see on television, the movies or on 90-day Fiance. I kind of went into my first courthouse wedding with that vision, just my couple and the judge, but that wasn’t exactly how that one went down.

There are limited times you can get married at the courthouse (unless you’re on TV). So be prepared to hang out in the courthouse lobby, which will get crowded, so get there early. By the way, once you enter the courthouse, you’ll be told by the bailiff/sheriff not to take any pictures until the judge/justice of the peace tells you it’s OK. If you keep scrolling, Danielle Brown Photography, Atlanta wedding photographers has compiled a list of counties within the Atlanta metro area and in North Georgia’s probate courts, which oversee marriages and marriage licenses.

Then you’ll enter the courtroom, with everyone else getting married today (and any special people they brought). The judge then asked each couple to come up to preform the marriage/wedding ceremony. The judge presiding over the wedding I photographed also asked for one “official” photographer to come up and stand in front of each couple to document their wedding vows. After the wedding ceremony, the judge came around to each couple and made sure their marriage license was in order, and then everything was official.

Where to go for your marriage license within the Atlanta Metro area:

Where to go for your marriage license in the North Georgia area:

What you need to know about getting married in Georgia

Check out this article on getting married in Georgia. In addition to getting your marriage license, there’s a few other things you need to know about:

  • Minimum age for marriage without parental concent
  • What to do if you’ve been married before and you’re getting remarried
  • How much your marriage license fees will be
  • How to acquire your marriage license without paying a fee (if applicable)
  • What documents to bring with your when you apply for your marriage license

According to gaprobate.gov, if you or your fiance are a Georgia resident, you may get your marriage license from any county. If you or your fiance are not a Georgia resident, the marriage license must be acquired within the county that the wedding ceremony will be preformed.